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ade tag !

manyak soklan la..
penad na menjawabnye..
sile la like:)
penad nie jawab soklan..
mau jawab lah nie:)

yg menjawab : hanna liss

Real name :hanna nadhirah bte zaharuddin(nape name aq?bukan liss? 
dah aq yg jawb..mesty la name aq..nk name sndiri jawab ler... 
Nickname :hanna liss,ana,dhira?(haha gedik je lebey!bia la ex aq suke..:)
Zodiac sign:sagitarius
 Male or female :Female lah weyy:) 
Elementary school :sk pedas | sk astana raja 
Highschool :smahmy | sma rembaw 
College : kolej bapak aq ade la :P
Hair colour :semestinye Black kale:)
Tall or short :Tall * haha .tinggi lah sangattt .
Sweat or jeans :jeansss :D
Phone or Camera :camera is phone..phone is camera..*due2 aq suke la
 Health freak :apekebende haram nye nie..
aq unx paham gak..haha
Orange or apple : Orange :D
Do you have a crush on someone? : Hmmm , not sureeee =="
Eat or drink :drink for sure :)bhahaha
Piercings  : ?????"
Pepsi or coke : hate it!! :p 


Been in an airplane : yes :)
 Been in relationship :Hmm ,yes i've been
 Been in a car accident :no..no n no
Been a fist fight :Neverrr :) 


First household chores : Washing my own dishess
 First best friend
nana liss,ieyra liss,nicha liss,leen liss,ainat liss,aina liss ,
*luqman too:D  he is my best.best.best frends
First award : aduss check balik..lupe suda:P 
 First crush : It to persnal privacy =="
 First word : ibu , abah *ykot 
First section :........
Last person you talked to in person :fakhri *my bf yaww:=:
Last person you texted : *luqman:)bhaha he is my best frend

 Last person tou watched a movie with :fakhri*haha
Last food you ate : Chocolate..wow! i like this..:D
 Last movie you watched : jngan pndang belakang congkak 2:)bhahaha
Last song you listen to :cinta antara kita! ==":)
Last thing you bought : cekak rambot! :)
 Last person you hugged :Hmmm :'( 


 Food :Chocolate :)
DDrink : Milk Full Creamm * favouritee !
 Bottoms :????
Flower : Roseee :) sape bole bagi?mesty aq syg selalu
so romantik ma:)
 Animal :Cat :)rabbit:)
Colour : dulu biru!*now!colourful !!
 Movie : No updated =="
Subject : Senii gheee :D

(Put an X in the bracket if yes)

[x] falling in love with someone.
 [] celebrate Halloween 
[x] had your heart broken 
[x] went over the minutes/ texts on your cellphone 
 [] had someone question my sexual orientation 
[] got pregnant 
[] had an abortion 
[x] did something i regret 
[x] broke a promise 
[x] hide a secret 
[x] pretend to be happy
[x] met someone who changed your life 
[] pretend to be sick 
[] left the country 
 [x] try something you normally wouldn'ttry and liked it 
[x] cried over the silliest thing 
[] ran a mile 
[x] when to the beach with your bestfriend 
[x] got into an argument with your friend
[x] hated someone 
[] stayed single for a whole year  


Eating : nopeee !
 Drinking : nopeee ! 
Listening to : fan sound .haha 
Sitiing or laying : laying 
Plan for today : i'm going to sleep after i've finish this tagged =="
 Waiting : text or call from him! 


Want kids ? : haha kids?haha dreaming:) 
Want to get married : da kawen da..haha
(kawan aq yg nikahkan..!bhahaha) 
Career : Too many  .haha :D 


Lips or eyes : lipss gheee :D 
Shorter or taller : taller 
Romantic or spontaneous : romantic 
Nice stomach or nice arms : i choose nice armm.haha:) 
Hook -up or relationship : urm:???? =="
 Looks or personality : personality


Lost glasses/contacts :  nooo 
Snuck out of a house : noooo 
Held a gun/knife for self defense : neverrr
 Killed somebody :dreaming..yes! 
Broken somebody heart : too many time i've broken people heart ==" sorry ! 
Been in love : yesss , 
Cried  when someoned died : yesss*amir..my ex..oh..very sad:( 


Yourself : sometime yess but sometime noo 
Miracles : urmm maybee 
Love at first sight : maybee yess maybe noo
 Heaven : yuppp 
Santa claus : dalam mimpi aq ade la.. 
Superstition :nope
 Kiss on the first date : no komen(xoxo)


Is there one person you want to be with right now ?  *fakhri 
Do you know who your real friends are ? yess, ireally know my friends :) 
Do you believe in God ? OFCOURSE 
Post as 100 truths ? i feel in love already..==" 
Blogger yang di tag :to all my follower okayy :)